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Report From Washington - February 24, 2012

IN THIS ISSUE: Obama to Muslims - We are sorry. Obama to Muslims - We are really sorry. Obama to Muslims - Please forgive us as you kill our soldiers / Obama, oil and gas prices / Congress and the work recess / Pennsylvania judge: Attack by Muslim on atheist is OK / Federal court backs religious freedom / More dead in Nigeria / In UK Muslims get time off for religious worship, but not Christians / Muslim associated with terrorists wants airline job back

OBAMA APOLOGIZES FOR QUR'AN BURNING BUT BIBLE BURNING OK - In 2009 several boxes of Holy Bibles were burned at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan because they were in the native Afghan language. There was a fear that rather than be given to Afghan Christians that they could be used to "convert Muslims. As news agencies reported the story, not once was the word "holy" used in front of the word Bible. This week President Barack Obama crawled forward to apologize for the burning of a couple of Qur'ans that were defaced by Muslims in an effort to pass escape plans to one another at a prison at Bagram Air Base. Does anyone see a double standard here? Two Americans were killed and five wounded by an Afghan soldier for "revenge." No apology from the Afghan government and none requested by President Obama. The message to Islamic terrorists: "No need to apologize for murder in the name of Islam but as a nation we will crawl on our knees and kiss your butts to apologize if we inadvertently harm your precious Qur'an."
This week President Obama said issuing permits for oil exploration in the United States would bring no relief from high gas prices because it would take many years for the oil to reach the market. He then said that oil production had increased in the United States over the three years of his Administration. Thus, Obama takes credit for permits issued during the Bush Administration but refuses to increase permits that would bring more oil production during a Santorum presidency.


CONGRESS IN RECESS - The Congress was officially in recess this past week and will return to Capitol Hill on February 27th.. Some reality here - Congressmen work seven days a week. When not on Capitol Hill they work from offices in their districts. For example, there is only one congressman for all of North Dakota and he must travel the entire vast state to visit constituent offices. When not working on Capitol Hill or dealing with constituents in their districts, they are raising funds for re-election. The media loves to blast congressmen for "doing nothing" but the reality is that they put in twice the hours of any news man reporting on them.

US JUDGE: MUSLIM ATTACK ON ATHEIST OK - This may seem an odd place to find a post from American Atheists, although it does prove the point that atheists in the United States should thank God the nation has a Judeo-Christian culture. An atheist in Pennsylvania was attacked by a Muslim for mocking Mohammed and had the misfortune to find his case against the Muslim being heard in front of a Muslim judge. The judge dismissed the case against the Muslim and lectured the atheist for insulating Mohammed telling him that in other nations he would die for his crime. Read more
A federal court in Tacoma, Washington, struck down a Washington law that requires pharmacists to dispense the morning-after pill even when doing so would violate their religious beliefs. The court held that the law violates the First Amendment right to free exercise of religion. Read more


NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT Now available, the Chairman's Report for February 16, 2012. IN THIS ISSUE: Obama's war on individual liberty / Obama Care and the march to central planning / Friedrich von Hayek on central planning / Contraceptive mandate and religious liberty / Air Force erases God from flight patch / Honor killings in Canada / Dubai police chief no longer trusts America / Meet Obama's man in Egypt
LEARN MORE ABOUT SHARIA LAW - One of the best locations on the Internet to learn about Islamic Sharia law and its effect on the West is FACEBOOK FAN? Sharia Free USA now has a Facebook page with more than 1,500 followers. Join with us at Facebook today!


MORE DEAD IN NIGERIA - The Boko Haram carried out bomb attacks and shootings targeting the police headquarters in two Nigerian cities, killing 17 people, police and media reports said on Saturday. In the city of Gombe the Boko Haram attack while attempting to free other terrorists from jail killed 12 people. In a separate incident brave Muslim men slit the throat of a 79-year-old woman and wrote a threatening note to other Christians on her chest. There were virtually no reports of the hundreds of terrorist murders by Muslims last week as President Barack Obama grovelled before the Afghan Taliban begging their forgiveness for the burning of a defaced Qur'an containing terrorist messages.
TIME OFF FOR MUSLIMS BUT NOT CHRISTIANS IN UK- A Christian care worker from the U.K. claims that she was discriminated against when she was not allowed accommodations from her employers for her beliefs while her Muslim co-worker was treated differently. Celestina Mba is suing the London Borough of Merton after being forced to resign from her position at the Brightwell Children's Home in 2010 over her desire not to work on Sundays. Read more
MUSLIM ASSOCIATED WITH TERRORISTS WANTS AIRLINE JOB BACK - A 'terrorist sympathizer' linked to a notorious airline bomb plot is claiming he was unfairly sacked as a British Airways baggage handler because of his religion. Counter terrorist police found an apparent plan to groom Shahzada Khan to place a package on a plane bound for America. Note: In Minneapolis and Detroit a large percentage of airline baggage handlers and cleaners are Muslims born outside the United States.Read more


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