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Report From Washington - February 22, 2013

Editor: William J. Murray
In this issue:
Obama and the Saudi Royals / White House: Some car bombs are not as bad as others / The great sequester scare / Muslim beheads Christians in New Jersey / In Europe the victim is to blame / CAIR: There is no Islamic terror / Abandoned Muslim kids must be raised as Muslims / Disappearing Coptic girls / Fifty Islamic attacks in Thailand in two days / 9-11: The Jews did it
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The Presidency
Obama and the Saudi royals -
There was no condemnation from the White House of the arrest of 53 Ethiopian Christians for praying in a private home in Saudi Arabia. No Senators expressed "outrage." In contrast, there was universal condemnation by our government and press when naked lesbians in Russia were arrested for demonstrating on the steps of an Orthodox Church. According to our government and press, this "free expression" should be allowed by Russia, but when Saudi authorities arrest Christians for praying in a private home, it is not a problem at all. Read more

White House: Some car bombs not as bad as others-
When Islamist "rebels" set off car bombs and kill civilians in Iraq, it is a bad thing. But when Islamist "rebels" set off car bombs and kill children in Syria, it is --- well, just not mentioned. No statement came from the White House or State Department on the car bomb in a Damascus market that killed more than fifty people, including many children. The Administration blocked a resolution in the United Nations condemning the terrorist bombing. Read more

The great sequester scare -
Bottom line: Border agents will be forced to take 14 days of unpaid leave during 2013, which amounts to about one day a month. Some civilian defense workers may be forced to take as many as 20 unpaid leave days this year. Further no layoffs can occur before April 1st by law. The government is NOT going to shut down march 1st and the nation is not going to go undefended because of cuts don't even bring the spending down in 2010 levels. The hysteria is nonsense. If the matter were serious, would the President have flown Air Force One to Florida to take golf lessons from Tiger Woods? Actions speak a lot louder than words.
Congress in recess -
The House and Senate were in recess this week, while the President took golf lessons from serial adulterer Tiger Woods in Florida. The nation is just eight days away from the dreaded "sequester" which now seems inevitable. for daily posts!
Religion and Culture

Beheadings of Christians by Muslim in New Jersey-
Americans must ask themselves if Muslim-style "multiculturalism" fits into the United States of America. Can our country tolerate beheadings, be-handings, and female genital mutilation, arranged marriages of 12 year old girls and murders of gays? Before 1990, no American ever experienced the barbaric ritual of beheading a person. Read more

The victim is to blame -
In the Western media it is a general rule that any victims of Islamic violence brought it on themselves. Criticizing Islam a crime? Defending the rights of writers, journalists and artists to say, write and draw what they like has become a crime in the West. Read more

CAIR: There is no Islamic terror -
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a newsletter with the subject line, "Creating America's War on Terror." The message is that the U.S. government is victimizing Muslim Americans under the guise of a made-up war on terrorism. Read more

Spain: Muslim kids must stay Muslim -
Spain has agreed that children adopted from Muslim nations by Christians will be raised inside the home of the Christians as Muslims. This is now the law in Spain as that nation submits to Sharia. Read more

Egypt: The Jews did it -
A former official of the Egyptian government is shown on TV blaming the Jews for the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11. Read more

Egypt: Disappearing Coptic girls -
Egypt has witnessed an increase in cases of disappearance among Coptic girls. There were 500 cases were reported in 2012 and 10 already in January 2013. Read more

Thailand: Fifty attacks last weekend by Islamists -
Muslim insurgents fighting for a separate state in Thailand's deep south launched 50 bomb and arson attacks over the last weekend, killing three members of the security forces. Read more

Join me in a fact finding mission to Israel -
A once in a lifetime mission led by William J. Murray, William Federer and Frank Gaffney, all three experts on Israel and Islamic affairs. Not a standard "tour," the mission includes visits to settlements and military bases plus evening panels. Limited time for $400 discount! Read more
More from the Religious Freedom Coalition

New Chairman's Report -
Now available, the February 8th, 2013 edition of the Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman's Report. In the current issue: William J. Murray answers a CIA "specialist" who claims democracy will "moderate" Islam / Saudi cleric pays $50,000 fine for raping and murdering his six year old daughter / UK judge lets Muslim rapist walk because he was taught "women were worthless" by his religion / UK politician jailed for critical Facebook comment on Islam

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