Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23, 2011 - Washington, DC

The staff of the Religious Freedom Coalition wishes all readers and supporters a very Merry Christmas! May God bless each and everyone!
Barack Obama's holiday and Ronald Reagan's Christmas address / No Social Security tax reduction for Christmas / Macy's holiday LGBT policy: Any man wearing lipstick can use the women's fitting room / No Christmas for Christian mother in Pakistani jail
PRESIDENCYObama Holiday Card 2011
THE OBAMA HOLIDAY - The attitude of Barack Obama toward Christmas probably can be summed up with the official White House "holiday card" designed by L.A. artist and designer Mark Matuszak: Not a single human being is pictured in the card and there is no Christmas tree in sight either. The "holiday" card centers on the Obama dog Bo sitting in front of a fireplace. To the Obama's Christmas is just a tradition and has nothing to do with the reality of the birth of Jesus Christ.  

CHRISTMAS UNDER RONALD REAGAN - Just 30 years ago an American President sat in the Oval Office and broadcast a Christmas message to the American people, something that had not been done in many years. During the short message Reagan talked of the birth of the newborn King. It is well worth the three minutes to watch at Youtube.

The Democrat controlled Senate passed a two month extension of the two percent reduction in the tax that funds Social Security, and then left town. The Republican controlled House refused to go along, as Speaker Boehner demanded a deal for one full year. Now it seems he may back down and accept the two month extension. With the one-year cut, the Social Security Trust fund would be short changed $112 billion during 2012. The shortfall will be covered by borrowing money from China. On the bright side the average family will have an extra $1,000 to spend on Chinese products in 2012. Learn more

MACY'S LGBT CHRISTMAS - Macy's actually fired a female employee in San Antonio because she would not allow a man wearing lipstick to use the women's dressing room. Macy's stated that it had a strict "LGBT friendly policy." LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Under the Macy's policy, transgenders and bisexuals can use either the men's or women's dressing rooms. Just imagine a rape victim's reaction to finding a man standing outside her dressing room, and the folly of this policy becomes clear..

NEW CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - Now available, the Chairman's Report for December 14, 2011. In this issue: Our dear friend Solomon Nour joins the Lord / Is there logic in the White House? / Gays and Muslims go to the head of immigration lines / Secretary Clinton's support for UN "blasphemy laws" / 3,000 "honor" attacks in UK in 2010 / A billion in aid to Pakistan - where are our priorities? / Poland's first honor killing / Will Belgium protect its Jews?  
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Asia Bibi in her younger years NO CHRISTMAS FOR ASIA BIBI - The Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan last year is in a "very frail" physical and mental state, a human rights group that visited her in prison said in a statement Tuesday. "Because of her solitary confinement, Asia Bibi, 46, appears considerably older, has a pale complexion, she looks very frail, even unable to stand on her own," the Masihi Foundation was quoted by Catholic news agency Fides as saying. Read more

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