Friday, October 21, 2011

Report From Washington - October 21, 2011

An Arab Spring or an Arab Fall? / Obama enters another war in Africa / Vanderbilt University's attack on Christians / Muslims demand Islamic military dress code in USA / Are Hyatt Hotels anti-Semitic? / Pamela Geller barred from Hyatt Hotel / Evicting the GZ mosque / Sweden OK with Islamic hate speech on radio / Child abuse at U.K. Muslim schools / Another Christian beheaded
NEW: Chairman's Report for October 14, 2011 In this issue: No White House comment as Christians die in Egypt / Obama supports those trashing Wall Street and using drugs / The faith of presidential challengers / Santorum on Islamic fascism / Grover Norquist exposed by Congressman Wolf / Journalism school teaches that 9-11 attack not a big deal / Sharia for France
ARAB SPRING OR ARAB FALL - It was 1979 and President Jimmy Carter had just forced the Shah of Iran to flee into exile. The headlines read: "Shah out, democracy comes to Iran." In 1991 the Soviet backed Communist government of Afghanistan falls to the Islamic rebels supported by the United States. The headlines read: "Communists out, democracy comes to Afghanistan." Now in 2011 the Islamist rebels supported by the President Barack Obama kill Libyan dictator Qaddafi: The headlines read: Qaddafi dead: democracy comes to Libya. Enough said  
OBAMA DEFENDS UGANDA?- Uganda has a long history of terror and bloodshed. Muslim dictator Idi Amin was in control when Israeli special forces had to attack the Entebbe airport to release a plane load of hostages. Eventually the Muslim dictator was exiled to Libya. Now President Obama has sent troops to fight against the "Lord's Resistance Army." Make no mistake, the LRA does not represent mainstream Christian faith, but why is President Obama involving us in a second African war this year? Did he not say he was elected to bring troops home?

VANDERBILT UNIVERSITIES ATTACK ON RELIGIOUS GROUPS - Congressman Forbes appeared on Fox News this week to discuss Vanderbilt University's treatment of Christian student groups. Forbes is the Co-Chairman of the Prayer Caucus.The university demands that Christian groups allow atheist and Muslim leaders. Several religious student organizations have been placed on "provisional status" for requiring their student leaders to share the groups' religious beliefs. The Prayer Caucus sent a letter to Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos urging him to ensure that school's nondiscrimination policy is not being interpreted in a manner that discriminates against religious student groups. Political and other student groups are allowed to select leaders who share the groups' views, religious student groups are being prohibited from doing so. Watch the interview here. 


Demin Zawity CAIR DEMANDS MILITARY CHANGE UNIFORMS - it starts in high school, then where. The Counsel on American Islamic Relations sent a letter last week to the superintendent of Williamson County Schools demanding a formal apology be issued to Miss Zawity and that she be allowed to participate in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Program (JROTC) program wearing her hijab. She was banned from the program because she demanded to be the only student in uniform wearing a hijab. For CAIR and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood, this is not about the JROTC or Zawity. It is the first attempt to change the uniforms of the United States military to conform with sharia law. Look at the photo: Was this girl serious about becoming an officer in the United States Army?
HYATT HOTEL CANCELS ANTI-SHARIA CONFERENCE - The Hyatt hotel in Sugar Land, Texas, abruptly canceled a Tea Party event the same day author and Atlas Shrugs founder Pamela Geller was scheduled to speak on the dangers of Sharia. The story has gone international much to the shame of Hyatt Hotels which is now seen as somewhat anti-Semitic. Pamela Geller is a Jew. Hyatt Hotels in Muslim nations are frequently used by radical Islamic groups attacking Israel. The Hyatt did not need to be pushed very hard by the Council on American Islamic Relations when it demanded that Geller be cancelled. Geller will next speak at the Preserving Freedom Conference in Nashville on 11/11/11.
SHARIA OR THE CONSTITUTION? Learn more about The Preserving Freedom Conference to be held in Nashville, TN on 11/11/11.

EVICTING THE GZ MOSQUE - Power company, which owes half of the property for the propose "Ground Zero mosque" has given developer Sharif Al-Gamal ultimatum: Pay $1.7 million in back rent get out of the property. Park51, which leases the substation from Con Ed, wants the two buildings so it can knock both down and build a $100 million, 15-story community center, or maybe a four story "PrayerSpace" or maybe just use the whole plan to raise money from rich Arabs in Saudi Arabia. Read more

CRY FOR SWEDEN - The same nation that tried to put Pastor Aki Green in jail for reading a Scripture critical of homosexuality told an Imam that he had permission from the government to call for the death of anyone leaving Islam. The decision was made by prosecutors after the Imam made the statement on a Swedish Public radio broadcast. Read more
KIDS ABUSED IN U.K. MUSLIM SCHOOLS - Hundreds of children are being subjected to physical abuse in madrassas, an investigation claims. At least 250,000 Muslim youngsters attend the religious instruction centers, which are not formally regulated. More than 400 allegations of physical abuse have been made over the past three years, with the total reaching 146 last year and 89 in 2009. Read more
17-YEAR-OLD CHRISTIAN BEHEADED - Militants from an Islamic extremist organization in Somalia linked to al-Qaida beheaded a 17-year-old Christian near Mogadishu. Guled Jama Muktar was killed by al Shabbab militants in his home near Deynile, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the Somali capital. (Note, this is just one of the hundreds of Christians murdered by Muslims worldwide this year as part of Jihad.)

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