Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't move deadly rockets closer to Israel's families

Religious Freedom Coalition pro-Israel ad in Wall Street JournalWhen Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu arrives in Washington, DC this week he will be greeted by a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal showing the support of numerous social conservative organizations including the Religious Freedom Coalition. The full page ad ran in the Washington, DC regional edition of the Wall Street Journal and was seen by virtually every congressman and Senator.
The pressure on Israel to give up land, including a large part of their capital city of Jerusalem, has never been greater. Each time Israel has given up their land for the promise of “peace,” the people of that tiny nation have instead been bombarded by rockets fired from an even closer range. If those rockets are moved to the 1967 border as the PLO and Hamas now demand, Tel Aviv will be an easy target to hit.

President Obama has now joined the radical Muslim voices of the world to call for Israel to be reduced to its 1967 border, a border that cannot be defended.

In the years after Israel handed over control of the Gaza Strip in September, 2005 and evicted nearly 8,500 Israeli citizens, thousands of rockets and tens of thousands of mortar shells have been fired into Israel. Homes, schools, malls and even day care centers have been hit. Innocent civilians have been killed and injured by these attacks in Israel. Most recently an anti-tank missile hit an Israeli school bus.
A surrender of more land by Israel will only move the deadly missiles closer to the population centers of Israel. The Jewish people, given the land by Jehovah in a lasting covenant, should not be forced to surrender even another hectare. The advertisement in the Wall Street Journal is meant as an encouragement to Prime Minister Netanyahu and the people of Israel. The ad concludes by telling Prime Minister Netanyahu, “We, the undersigned, encourage President Obama, the State Department, the Congress, and the whole of the United States of America to stand unwavering with you, without further sacrificing Israel’s sovereignty, safety, or security. See full page ad 

TV as well!
Not only does the full page ad appear in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, May 19th, but in the Jerusalem Post on Friday, May 20th to let the people of Israel know that there are still millions of Americans standing with them. The coalition of groups from across the United States is also running an a TV commercial on the Fox News channel.

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