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January 22, 2010 - Washington, DC

Obama on the election of Scott Brown / Corruption at the highest level in Washington / Army report on jihad attack at Ft. Hood is a crude joke / Navy Seals to be jailed for capturing terrorist? / What the Scott Brown election really means / Islam and dhimmitude exposed in Washington / Rifqa Bary free of Muslim parents / The Third Choice / Geert Wilders goes on trial
FIRST 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The first Chairman's Report for 2010 is now available online in PDF format. This issue highlights the visit to Capitol Hill of Australian theologian Mark Durie sponsored by the Religious Freedom Coalition. During his visit Dr. Durie spoke about his latest book and the geopolitical issues associated with Islam. Other international and domestic issues are featured. Click here to read PDF


OBAMA ON BROWN - "Here's my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts but the mood around the country: The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office," Obama said in an interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos. "People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years but what's happened over the last eight years." If President Obama actually believes this statement, that Republican Scott brown was elected in a heavily Democrat state because people are still angry at George W. Bush, then he is delusional.
Republicans lost the Senate and the House in 2006 because of corruption and backroom deals. Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts because the people are fed up with the corruption and backroom deals of the Democrats. Scott Brown's election was not a "wake up" call to Democrats, it was a warning from the people to both major parties. The message is clear: We want honesty and transparency and no more secret deals that cost us, the people, our treasury.

WHITE HOUSE CORRUPTION - The Obama White House may be the most corrupt since the invention of the telephone. The Assistant Secretary of Energy, Cathy Zoi, is responsible for oversight in disbursing the stimulus funds. She is married to Robin Roy, a top executive at Serious Materials, a manufacturer of "sustainable green building materials" including windows. Ms. Zoi and her husband own 120,000 vested shares and options of Serious Materials. Zoi regulates this company and its "green" manufacturing. John Stossel, who recently moved from ABC to FOX has exposed this corruption at the highest level of the Obama Administration in a program that shows President Obama and Vice President Biden pushing the products of this company over those of Pell and other windows manufacturers. Stossel's segment on Serious Materials is a must see. View here
FT HOOD REPORT A CRUEL JOKE - The report issued this week by the Army on the massacre at Ft. Hood by Muslim doctor Najil Hasan can at best be called a cruel joke on the victims. Not even once is it mentioned that Hasan was a Muslim. It calls for his superiors to be punished for missing his radicalism and then never mentions that this "radicalism" was Islamic. Congressman John Carter (R-TX) who represents the district in which Ft. Hood is located said, "I think it's just another example of this fear we have of saying the wrong thing that might offend someone." Read this powerful op-ed on the report.
NAVY SEALS PERSECUTED BY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - I cannot in good conscience recommend the military services to young men and women any longer. The political correctness under George W. Bush, which has only increased under Barack Obama, has made the military unsuitable for those who wish to serve and defend their nation. This is the reality today: If you are a highly trained combat specialist in the Army or Navy, you could well be imprisoned for the rest of your life for an act of heroism defending the nation. That is the awful possibility facing three Navy Seals who captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq. They now face court martials and jail time because the captured terrorist claims he received a bloody lip on the way to incarceration. The Navy now plans to call this terrorist murderer as a witness against the Seals. A Facebook page has been established explaining the issue in detail and how to help the wrongfully accused Seals. The persecution of the three Navy Seals in the name of political correctness makes a mockery of justice, and supports and encourages radical Islamic terrorists.


HOUSE AND SENATE RETURN (SORT OF) - The House and Senate have both returned from the Christmas/New Year and then Martin Luther King breaks, but little is being done. The House returned the week before Martin Luther King day, and then the Democrats went on a "retreat" after less than two days of business. Then came the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts which brought the entire Democrat agenda to a stop. Virtually nothing is being done at any level of government as Democrats decide who to bash and attack next to keep themselves in power. My bet is that some sector of business will be chosen as the scapegoat to help the Democrats to further their far left agenda.
SCOTT BROWN ELECTION IS NOT A REPUBLICAN VICTORY - On Wednesday, January 20th Republicans in Washington were bloated with arrogant victory. I told one Republican Senator, "Arrogance is what lost this seat for the Democrats, don't go there." I was not alone in tossing cold water on Republican grandstanding. This is the reality: The Republicans didn't win in Massachusetts; the Democrats lost. The Democrats lost because of arrogance and backroom deals that disturbed at the deepest level America's sense of fairness. Almost 25% of Democrats voted for Scott Brown. His victory was as much a message to Republicans as to Democrats. The message was clear; no more secret backroom deals that affect the people as a whole. Stop the corruption and do everything in the open as the Founders intended.
FIGHT FOR LIFE - Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) has written a brilliant op-ed on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade that should be read by all. I highly recommend you read his Fight for Life and pass it on to others. Click here
ISLAM AND DHIMMITUDE - Australian theologian and Islamic expert, Dr. Mark Durie was the guest of the Religious Freedom Coalition in Washington, DC for the past two weeks. During that time, Dr. Durie had the opportunity to meet with members of the House and Senate, appear on numerous radio programs and meet with journalists and columnists who have a national audience. In all these discussions, he was able to aptly explain the choices given to Christians and other non-Muslims according to the Koran: Conversion, death or Dhimmitude. SEE MORE IN INTERNATIONAL


RIFQA BARY REMAINS FREE - For months we have watched closely the saga of Rifqa Bary, a teenage girl who had converted from Islam and run away to Florida for fear her father would kill her. Honor killings are common among Muslims not only in the Middle East, but in Europe and the United States as well. A Florida court did order her back to Ohio, but she went to foster care, not to the home of her parents as she feared. This week a court ordered that 17-year-old Rifqa Bary will stay in that foster home and under state custody until she turns 18 in August. At age 18 she will be declared an adult and may live where she pleases. This is a great victory in our politically correct society which allows Muslims to conduct their family affairs in a much different manner than ordinary citizens.  
FIRST 2010 CHAIRMAN'S REPORT NOW ONLINE- The first Chairman's Report for 2010 is now available online in PDF format. This issue highlights the visit to the Capitol Hill of Australian theologian Mark Durie sponsored by the Religious Freedom Coalition. During his visit Dr. Durie spoke about his latest book and the geopolitical issues associated with Islam. Other international and domestic issues are featured. Click here to read PDF


THE THIRD CHOICE - Dr. Mark Durie and I visited numerous Congressional offices during the last week, including that of Congressman Frank Wolf, who is an avid student of Islam and a defender of religious freedom both in the United States and overseas. During his presentations to Congressmen and Senators, Dr. Durie explained the classical Islamic ideology of conquest: the first choice offered to non-Muslims was conversion to Islam; the second choice was the sword; and the third was surrender. Mark Durie's book interested many of those he talked to in Washington because it exposes the history and ideology of surrender - the 'Third Choice' - which is the reality of life for non-Muslims, who are known as 'dhimmis' under Muslim rule. Durie firmly grounds his analysis of the dhimmi condition in the teachings of Islam and the life of Mohammed.

Because of the contacts established in Washington, DC over many years by the Religious Freedom Coalition, numerous prestigious events were arranged including a book signing at Heritage Foundation headquarters near the Capitol Building. Many leaders from various organizations as well as staff members of Congressmen and Senators attended the event held on January 21st. A video of Dr. Durie's comments can be found at Link to The Third Choice

GEERT WILDERS GOES ON TRIAL - The leader of the political party that came in second in European parliamentary elections has gone on trial for insulting Islam in Holland. Prosecutors in Holland weekly ignore the anti-Christian and anti-Semitic ravings of imams in their country and instead have chosen to try to jail a Member of Parliament for "insulting Islam." This case sums up what is wrong with Western Europe and why it is very possible that within the next two decades European nations will become Islamic and Christianity will be outlawed. Read London Times article
IRAQI REFUGEES NEED HELP - Please help Iraqi Christian refugees with a tax deductible gift in 2010. All contributions posted online this week will go to assist Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan and Syria. Please contribute at www.rfcnet.or g or at the Iraqi Refugee Project page at Face book.
PETITION TO HILLARY CLINTON ON IRAQI CHRISTIANS - Read and sign the Internet petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The petition urges Clinton to direct our embassies to assist Christians who have fled Islamic terror in Iraq. The petition is located at www.iraq


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John Byrnes said...

Profiling has failed us; we don’t need profiling to identify Individuals like the Christmas-Day Bomber or the Fort Hood Shooter! There is a better solution!

Virtually all media outlets are discussing whether we should be profiling all Arab Muslims; I will in the one-page explain why we don’t need profiling. Over 15 years ago, we at the Center for Aggression Management developed an easily-applied, measurable and culturally-neutral body language and behavior indicators exhibited by people who intend to perpetrate a terrorist act. This unique methodology utilizes proven research from the fields of psychology, medicine and law enforcement which, when joined together, identify clear, easily-used physiologically-based characteristics of individuals who are about to engage in terrorist activities in time to prevent their Moment of Commitment.

The Problem
Since the foiled terrorist attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian national on Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit, the President has repeatedly stated that there has been a systemic failure as he reiterates his commitment to fill this gap in our security. This incident, like the Fort Hood shooting, exemplifies why our government must apply every valid preventative approach to identify a potential terrorist.

The myriad methods to identify a terrorist, whether “no-fly list,” “explosive and weapons detection,” mental illness based approaches, “profiling” or “deception detection” - all continue to fail us. Furthermore, the development of deception detection training at Boston Logan Airport demonstrated that the Israeli methods of interrogation will not work in the United States.

All media outlets are discussing the need for profiling of Muslim Arabs, but profiling does not work for the following three reasons:

1. In practice, ethnic profiling tells us that within a certain group of people there is a higher probability for a terrorist; it does not tell us who the next terrorist is!

2. Ethnic profiling is contrary to the value our society places on diversity and freedom from discrimination based on racial, ethnic, religious, age and/or gender based criteria. If we use profiling it will diminish our position among the majority of affected citizens who support us as a beacon of freedom and liberty.

3. By narrowing our field of vision, profiling can lead to the consequence of letting terrorists go undetected, because the terrorist may not be part of any known “profile worthy” group – e.g., the Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh

The Solution
Our unique methodology for screening passengers can easily discern (independently of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, age, and gender) the defining characteristics of human beings who are about to engage in terrorist acts.

The question is when will our government use true “hostile intent” through the “continuum of aggressive behavior” to identify potential terrorists? Only when observers focus specifically on “aggressive behavior” do the objective and culturally neutral signs of “aggression” clearly stand out, providing the opportunity to prevent these violent encounters. This method will not only make all citizens safer, but will also pass the inevitable test of legal defensibility given probable action by the ACLU.

As our Government analyzes what went wrong regarding Abdulmatallab’s entrance into the United States, you can be assured that Al Qaeda is also analyzing how their plans went wrong. Who do you think will figure it out first . . . ?

Visit our blog at where we discuss the shooting at Fort Hood and the attempted terrorist act on Flight 253.