Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September Political Action Review

The Party


A huge power shift has occurred in American politics. A nationalized citizen by the name of George Soros is now handing orders through his surrogate, Eli Pariser at to hundreds of politicians including presidential candidates. One of the most powerful politicians in Washington, DC, Hillary Clinton, cowers in fear when her staff tells her she has a call from Eli Pariser who is the executive director of MoveOn.

During the testimony of General David Petraeus, the ran a full page ad in the New York Times. They received a 2/3 discount on the attack ad which referred to General Petraeus as "General Betray Us." The New York Times later admitted that the ad space should not have been sold at a discount of $100,000, and that the ad violated their editorial policy. They ran it out of fear of

When Senator Cornyn (R-TX) introduced a resolution condemning the personal attack on General Petraeus in the ad, Senator Hillary Clinton got her marching orders from She was not to vote for the resolution. She was one of 25 Democrats who voted in favor of the outrageous advertisement that shamelessly slandered a man who has spent his life unselfishly protecting this nation. is no longer a blogger paradise funded by Soros; it has become a huge political machine that is in fact a political party. in many cases is churning more money into elections than the Democrat Party. In the last election cycle one House candidate received more than $500,000 from in cash or other assistance such as TV advertising.

As a political action committee, GING-PAC is very limited in its total contributions to candidates. However, the Congress gave and others of its type a huge loophole when they passed Senator McCain's "Campaign Reform" legislation. The party can do just about anything it wants. George Soros and Eli Pariser are free to buy any election, while conservative organizations such as ours struggle to remain inside ridiculous laws that a Republican Congress passed and a Republican president signed into law.

We just can't compete with unless the conservative movement can bring forth its own version of George Soros to bank roll a similar organization. While Soros and his billionaire buddies write checks for millions of dollars to the left wing zealots, our funding comes in at an average of $24.50 per check.

The list of the 20 Democrats gave donations to in the last election is not complete. I only listed those who replaced Republicans. funded six Senate and twenty-seven House races. You can check their bragging page at:


Conservative political action committees such as Government Is Not God need to have a major war chest available for the elections in 2008. If we cannot rival, there will be a President Hillary Clinton and the House and Senate will be in the hands of extremists like Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again. We cannot participate and help elect godly social conservative candidates without funds. The first 2008 primary in January is just five months away.

If we are going to have an impact and put real conservatives in the House and Senate, men and women such as yourself must get involved.


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